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It took a big leap of faith to get In a Heartbeat going. With a degree in International Relations from LSE and a previous career fundraising for development foundations, my path towards the jewelry and design world can be described as anything but classical.

I have always had a passion for Jewelry. In A Heartbeat was born out of my love for unique and thoughtful gifting ❣ Two of my best friends had special occasions. To celebrate I wanted to come up with presents that are meaningful and personal. Inspired by the beauty of Arabic calligraphy and the innate warmth of the heart, I sketched my first piece. I started receiving a lot of positive feedback and admiration for the concept, as well as requests from friends to customize and sketch their own name, and I suddenly found my calling. It was time for my next step, improving my technical knowledge. That’s when I signed up for the Applied Jewelry Professional Programme at the GIA institute.

When we first launched, in July 2016 the flagship Lifeline Collection -a unique concept customizing names within a heartbeat design (a twist in arabic Calligraphy) was the first to be featured. The Abjadiah Collection was launched shortly after and now we’ve expanded to include Ready to Wear Jewelry.

At In A Heartbeat, our vision is to design everyday fine jewelry made of 18K gold, precious and semi-precious stones of top quality. Our fashion style is chic, classy, timeless and trendy. We aim at redefining the concept of bespoke jewelry. We love including the customer in the design process. Our customizable collections celebrate individuality and give the customers the chance to reflect their own style. They are close to the heart and personal, giving them a lasting impression and fitting to all fashion trends. Our ready to wear line is inspired by the flexibility of style and the beauty of colors; and so our items can be styled for everyday and every occasion! This is very much in line with our values, as we are strong believers in quality over quantity and timeless fashion. In short, we are strong supporters in retaining the value of your items and so our items are designed with that in mind, going hand in hand with the vision of sustainable fashion and circular economy.

Nour Nasif
Founder & CEO